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Vienna – Berlin – Popkomm

The summer season is slowly coming to an end, but there are some exciting things coming up in September! Our Danish band Sleep Party People will visit Vienna and present their album at B72 on Monday, September 5th. As a little extra treat, we will spin some records before and after the show for you.

Furthermore, the whole Siluh family moves to Berlin during the annual Popkomm and Berlin Music Week. Again, the restless Sleep Party People will put on their bunny-masks and enchant the crowds at the Nordic by Nature Showcase at Magnet ClubWednesday, Sept. 7th.

And finally, since it’s Popkomm, Berlin Music Week and we’re looking for an excuse to get wasted with our German pals we pretend to be part of the business and are hosting a label night at most charming Schokoladen – Thursday, Sept. 8th (starting at 7pm sharp!!!) – featuring Gary, Killed by 9V Batteries and Luise Pop.