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Aber der Sound ist gut - 2LP

Compilation with 29 Tracks on a limited Gatefold-DoubleVinyl!
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Bruch & Anna Pü – The Pretender
written by Philipp Hanich
recorded by Alexandr Vatagin
mixed by Dino Spiluttini

Just Friends and Lovers – Isaac
written & performed by Just Friends and Lovers
recorded by Jasmin Maria Rilke

Crystal Soda Cream – Schlag zu, lauf weg
written by Crystal Soda Cream
recorded & mixed by Jasmin Maria Rilke
mastered by Alexandr Vatagin

Bad Weed – Easy To Run
written & recorded by Bad Weed

Bird of the Year – Baby
written by Thomas Baumgartner, Nora Köhler & Mario Zangl
recorded and mixed by Thomas Grassegger
produced by Thomas Grassegger & Bird of the year

Clemens Band Denk – Aber der Sound ist gut (Chill Out Ära Remix)
written by Clemens Denk
remixed by Wolfgang Möstl

Euroteuro – Nokia
written & produced by Euroteuro

Raccoon Rally – Raccoon (Salad Days Are Over)
written by Tom Gal
recorded by Rouven Stoll
mixed by Tom Gal & Rouven Stoll
bass & harmonica by Rouven

petra und der wolf – Engine On the Chocks
written by petra und der wolf
recorded & mixing by Martin Czuka
mastering by Manu Mitterhuber

Valina – Lifespan of a Fly
written by Bogendorfer/Fischer/Huber/Zangerle
recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago 2013

Melt Downer – Trespass
written, recorded, produced, mixed by Melt Downer

Aivery – Don’t Dare
written by Jasmin Rilke, Franziska Schwarz, Doris Zimmermann
lyrics by Franziska Schwarz
recorded & mixed by Mario Zangl
produced by Mario Zangl & Jasmin Rilke

Sluff – Since Everything
written by Martin Zenker
recorded & mixed by Wolfgang Möstl

Dead End Friends – Cocaine
written by Dead End Friends
recorded & produced by Ronald Dangl
mixed by Wolfgang Möstl
mastering by Alexandr Vatagin

Lonesome Hot Dudes – Toxic Foxes
written by Lonesome Hot Dudes
recorded & mixed by Christian Sundl

Sex Jams – Riso Friday
written by Sex Jams
lyrics by Katarina Maria Trenk
recorded & mixed by Wolfgang Möstl

Mile Me Deaf – Where shroom folks lose their minds
written, recorded, produced by Wolfgang Möstl

Bulbul + Mäusegruppe – Papatel
written by Raumschiff Englmayer
recorded by Raumschiff
sound by Ollmann
mastered by Heinrauch

Gran – My Love
written, recorded & produced by Flo Tremmel
additional Cymbals played by Jonas Geise

Tents – Landscaper
written by Tents
recorded & mixed by Mario Zangl

Kristy and the Kraks – The Witch
written by Kip Tyler
arranged by Kate Kristal & Ana Threat
recorded & produced by Flo Tremmel

Voodoo Jürgens – A Oarge Hackn
written by David Öllerer
recorded & produced by Wolfgang Möstl

Clemens Band Denk – Aber der Sound ist gut (American Prairie mix)
written by Clemens Denk
remixed by Martin Lehr

Vague – Death of Ivan
written by Simon Dallaserra, Konstantin Heidler, Gregor Apfalter, Juan Marhl, Gabriel Hyden
lyrics by Simon Dallaserra
recorded & mixed by Mario Zangl
mastered by Kai Blankenberg

Cry Baby – People
written by Cry Baby
recorded & mixed by Christian Sundl

Golden Sikhs – Night Tide
written by Agnes Slowik, Martin Zenker, Cordula Thym, Bernhard Kern
lyrics by Bernhard Kern
recorded & mixed by Wolfgang Möstl

Tommy Moonshine – All Those Afternoons
written, recorded & mixed by Tommy Moonshine

Snoww Crystal – In Your Room
written by Snoww Crystal
lyrics by John Norman
recorded and mixed by Snoww Crystal at mBox Studios

Ja, Panik – Alles leer (live)
written by Ja, Panik
recorded by Jens Güttes
mixed by Sebastian Janata

photo & design by Patrick Anthofer
mastering by Martin Siewert

(C) & (P) 2016 Siluh Records
supported by SKE Fonds

Price: 19.90€
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