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Vague - Land - LP

1. Camry
2. Hey Johnny
3. Fleece
4. Channel
5. Trains
6. Crash
7. Kick It

8. Fallin’ in Love
9. Second to Nothing
10. Thrilled
11. Last Night
12. Maggie
13. It Won’t Come True
14. Land

All songs performed, recorded & mixed by VAGUE.

Camry, Channel and Second to Nothing
written by Gabriel Hyden

Hey Johnny, Kick It and Last Night
written by Konstantin Heidler

Fleece, Crash, Fallin’ in Love, Thrilled, Maggie, It Won’t Come True and Land
written by Simon Dallaserra

Trains written by Gregor Apfalter and Simon Dallaserra

Mastered by Wolfgang Möstl.

Artwork by David Einwaller.
Inlay Drawing by Gregor Apfalter.

© & (P) 2018 Siluh Records

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