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Hey peeps!

Hope you good people out there have a wonderful labour day! Below we’ve compiled the latest Siluh news for you. We are giving away free tickets for the Gary show tomorrow, so check the details below. Also, if you’re up for a little trip to St. Pölten, we’d highly recommend Saturday’s U.S. Girls show at Café Publik. It’s their fist appearance on Austrian soil and they will be supported by Mile Me Deaf, whose new album “Eat Skull” will be in stores June, 1st. Enjoy!

Yuri Landman LP


NEW LP – Yuri Landman feat. Jad Fair & Philippe Petit

We are happy to announce the release of Yuri Landman’s latest LP. The Dutch experimental luthier is known for building vanguard electric string instruments for artists including Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Liars, Blood Red Shoes etc. On his new album he collaborates amongst others with Jad Fair (Half Japanese, check out this documentary about the legendary band) and the avant-garde sound artist Philippe Petit.

The official release date has been set to May, 18th. You may order the vinyl via our webshop as of now! The CD is still available via Thick Syrup Records.


Mile Me Deaf


MILE ME DEAF first single + video

Austrian noise pop icon Wolfgang Möstl, mastermind of Killed by 9V Batteries, Sex Jams member and producer for the local music scene finished the first album “Eat Skull” for his long term side project Mile Me Deaf. Mr. Möstl teamed up with the Maximum Miracle Center (Sex Jams Rudi and Florian) and delivered big time.

Ahead of the official release on June, 1st comes the forerunner single “Wild At Heart“. Just recently, also Johannes Staudenbacher’s video to the song was finished. You might recognize some parallels to “Pop Goes The World” by Men Without Hats. ;-) Be sure to check it out on youtube.

Furthermore, the album on CD is up for grabs in our weboutique. For the vinyl, you’ve got to check back with our pals at Fettkakao whom we teamed up with for the release!


A Life, A Song, A Cigarette



We are psyched that long-term Siluh band A Life, A Song, A Cigarette have finished their 3rd album “Tideland”, which will be released in October. To get a feel for the new material, the band made available the first single “Easy” on soundcloud. Enjoy!

Apart from the new album, the band will play Vienna’s Stadtsaal together with Der Nino aus Wien on May, 25th. You can get tickets online at Stadtsaal website and wienXtra-jugendinfo.


Luise Pop


GARY + SWEET SWEET MOON on tour + win tickets!

Garyband just started their third week of touring, now entering Bavaria and Austria. As a sweet surprise Mr. Moon will join the party for gigs in Munich, Vienna and Villach. For tomorrows Vienna show we are giving away 2×2 tickets. Just drop us a line ->

If you haven’t seen it, yet, check out this nice little homemade video Garyband shot on tour for “Twisted Beds“.


Sweet Sweet Moon


SWEET SWEET MOON + LUISE POP international showcases

At the end of May Sweet Sweet Moon and Luise Pop will go Europe and show off at some international festivals. On May 27th Sweet Sweet Moon will appear at Europavox Festival in Clermon-Ferrand / France. His latest work is this digital-only 2-track piece “Candy Floss“.

A bit earlier, on May 24th Luise Pop will visit Warsaw Music Week and play a show at Klub Powiekszenie, which will host the “Vienna My Love” showcase also featuring M185 and Elektro Guzzi. Afterwards, on May 28th, you will get a chance to see Luise Pop in Munich at the Theatron Pfingstfestival. And the best of it: it’s freeeee! :-) We’d also like to point you to their Vienna show at Chelsea on May 14th, where Stefanie Sourial will be supporting the band.


Club Weird Kong


CLUB WEIRD KONG w/ Nine Inch Negl – Thu, May 3rd

We had to cancel Nine Inch Negl’s show in February because the guy had a skiing accident, but we are now making up for it and will bring him on stage for the last Weird Kong before summer break. Pete is known for hosting the legendary Silfestival in Griechenberg/Lower Austria and put a little bit of his work on soundcloud for you to check out.

Check in: Facebook

Thursday, May 3rd
Live: Nine Inch Negl
DJs: Clemens (Black Fox Tropikal / Team Fettkakao)
Doors 9pm, Entry 4 €

Transporter Bar
Kettenbrückengasse 1 / 1050 Vienna

Siluh presents
2012-05-03 – AUT – Wien, Club Weird Kong – live: Nine Inch Negl – Transporter Bar
2012-05-05 – AUT – St. Pölten, live: U.S Girls & Mile Me Deaf – Cafe Publik, Festspielhaus

A Life, A Song, A Cigarette
2012-05-25 AUT – Wien, Stadtsaal (+ Der Nino aus Wien)
2012-06-02 AUT – Wien, Frauenlauf 2012 / Prater
2012-07-06 AUT – Wiener Neustadt, Open Air

Francis International Airport
2012-05-25 GER – Neustrelitz, Immergut Festival
2012-08-10 AUT – Gapoltshofen, Spielraum (Kulturkirtag)
2012-08-24 GER – Dornstadt, Obstwiesenfestival

2012-05-01 GER – München, 59:1 (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-05-02 AUT – Wien, Flex (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-05-04 AUT – St. Pölten, Freiraum / KlingKlang
2012-05-05 AUT – Villach, Kulturhofkeller (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-08-17 AUT – St. Pölten, Frequency Festival

Killed By 9V Batteries
2012-05-10 CZE – Brno, tba
2012-05-11 GER – Dresden, Ost Pol
2012-05-12 CZE – Ostrava, Plan B (?eskobratrská 1)
2012-05-13 CZE – Prague, Final Club
2012-05-15 GER – Berlin, About:Blank
2012-05-17 GER – Hamburg, Grüner Jäger
2012-05-18 NL – Groningen, Lepel
2012-05-19 GER – Hannover, tba
2012-05-25 AUT – Graz, Radio Helsinki Fest, Niesenberger
2012-05-26 AUT – Zwentendorf, Festival
2012-08-17 AUT – St. Pölten, Frequency Festival, Red Bull Brandwagen
2012-09-15 NL – Tilburg, Incubate Festival

Luise Pop
2012-05-04 CZE – ?eské Bud?jovice, Bud?jovický Majáles Festival
2012-05-12 AUT – Wels, Alter Schlachthof
2012-05-14 AUT – Wien, Chelsea
2012-05-24 PL – Warsaw, Klub Powiekszenie (Elektro Guzzi + Anbuley)
2012-05-28 GER – München, Theatron Pfingstfestival

Mile Me Deaf
2012-05-04 AUT – Innsbruck, PMK (+ Nothington/US)
2012-05-05 AUT – St. Pölten, Café Publik / Festspielhaus (+ U.S. Girls)
2012-06-01 AUT – Wien, Gartenbau (Album Präsentation)
2012-08-04 AUT – Salzburg, Rockhouse (STUCK! Festival)

Sex Jams
2012-05-27 AUT – Wiener Neustadt, Schmu Festival
2012-07-20 AUT – Waidhofen / Ybbs, Fleischrock

Sweet Sweet Moon
2012-05-01 GER – München, 59:1 (+ Gary)
2012-05-02 AUT – Wien, Flex (+ Gary)
2012-05-05 AUT – Villach, Kulturhofkeller (+ Gary)
2012-05-23 FRA – Paris, Le Motel
2012-05-27 FRA – Clermont-Ferrand, Europavox Festival (Palais des Glaces)
2012-06-02 AUT – Salzburg, Beatgold – 50 Jahre ÖH
2012-06-22 AUT – Wien, Arena / The Full Hit Of Summer – Festival (w/ Beirut, M. Ward, Kurt Vile)

Yours truly,
The Siluhs

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