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happy happy Easter holidays! We hope you’ll find tons of those hidden eggs! And still read our news bulletin. :-)

Siluh Bundles


SILUH on the move + SALE

Siluh Records will be on the move quite soon. We are heading back to our old neighborhood in Vienna’s second district, Leopoldstadt, where the new Siluh Records headquarter will be located in the Zirkusgasse from May 2012 on. To save us some sweat moving all the stuff, we are doing a little clearing sale: You can get bundles of 3 Gary or 3 Killed By 9V Batteries CDs for a super special price of 30 Euros including taxes and shipping. Check out for details.


Sweet Sweet Moon


SEX JAMS new single + tour

Before starting to record their 2nd album, Vienna’s Sex Jams will be hitting the road again to play a few gigs in Germany (see tour dates below). Upfront they delivered the brand new teaser single “No Face” with a kick ass nostalgia Super 8 skatepark video. You can download the song for free on their Facebook page. They can easily afford these little treats since they are “emotional millionaires” as they put it on their website.




GARY new single / tour start

Gary’s massive tour through Germany and Austria is also starting next week. Make sure to check out their schedule as they will definitely be somewhere near you in the coming weeks. :-) Just in time they also finished their self-made video to their second single “Twisted Beds” from the new album “Hey Turtle, Stop Running!“.

And we’ve just learned that the band did an exclusive acoustic session for’s “Auf den Dächern”, which will be available next Monday! Be sure to check that out as well.


Luise Pop


LUISE POP final tour steps + tumblr

Luise Pop have been on tour through Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. They’ve started a tumblr for you to see the glorious and not so glorious parts of touring Europe. Friday (Brno/CZE, Boro Club) and Saturday (Dresden/GER, AZ Conni) mark the last tour stops before heading back home!

Save the date! Luise Pop will be playing Vienna’s Chelsea on May, 14th. Tickets will be available via jugendinfo!


Sweet Sweet Moon


SWEET SWEET MOON covers The Weakerthans

Tours tours tours. Sweet Sweet Moon is already on the road with Dust Covered Carpet and later with Gary before hitting France to play the Europavox and a show in Paris at Le Motel.

We’d like to treat you to his Weakerthans cover “Psalm For The Elks Lodge”, which you are now able to stream/download at Sweet Sweet Moon’sbandcamp page. The song was also performed at the They Should Music video shoot last year!


Club Weird Kong


CLUB WEIRD KONG w/Victor Villarreal + Mock (April, 12th)

We are extremely happy to welcome a very special guest at the next Club Weird Kong: Chicago native Victor Villarreal is one of the most important figures in the evolution of indie rock. Best known as the mastermind guitarist behind emo band Cap’n Jazz, he also played in bands like Owls, Ghosts & Soda as well as Joan of Arc and has influenced tons of other bands. He released his second solo album “Invisible Cinema” with Joyful Noise Recordings this January.

Support comes from Berlin’s Mock, who just finished their debut album with Tortoise’s John McEntire, guaranteeing some sort of post-/indie-/whatever-rock that deserves to be listened to.

Check in: Facebook

Thursday, April 12th
Live: Victor Villarreal
DJs: Agnes Aye & Ian Thym
Doors 9pm, Entry 6 €

Transporter Bar
Kettenbrückengasse 1 / 1050 Vienna

Siluh presents
2012-04-12 – AUT – Wien, Club Weird Kong – live: Victor Villareal + Mock
2012-05-03 – AUT – Wien, Club Weird Kong – live: Nine Inch Negl – Transporter Bar
2012-05-05 – AUT – St. Pölten, live: U.S Girls & Mile Me Deaf – Cafe Publik, Festspielhaus

A Life, A Song, A Cigarette
2012-06-02 AUT – Wien, Frauenlauf 2012 / Prater

Francis International Airport
2012-05-25 GER – Neustrelitz, Immergut Festival
2012-08-10 AUT – Gapoltshofen, Spielraum (Kulturkirtag)
2012-08-24 GER – Dornstadt, Obstwiesenfestival

2012-04-11 GER – Berlin, Privatclub (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-12 GER – Hamburg, Grüner Jäger (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-13 GER – Görlitz, Basta (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-14 GER – Aschaffenburg, Beatbaracke/Jukuz (+ Sex Jams)
2012-04-15 GER – Braunschweig, Nexus (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-16 GER – Jena, Cafe Wagner (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-17 GER – Kassel, Schlachthof (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-18 GER – Oberhausen, Druckluft (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-19 GER – Fulda , Kulturkeller (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-20 GER – Erfurt, Engelsburg (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-21 GER – Köln, King Georg (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-22 GER – Bremen, Schwankhalle (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-23 GER – Göttingen, Apex (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-24 GER – Dresden, Ost Pol (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-26 AUT – Graz, Explosiv
2012-04-27 AUT – Dornbirn, Spielboden
2012-04-28 AUT – Steyr, Röda
2012-04-29 GER – Nürnberg, Club Stereo (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-05-01 GER – München, 59:1 (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-05-02 AUT – Wien, Flex (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-05-04 AUT – St. Pölten, Freiraum / KlingKlang
2012-05-05 AUT – Villach, Kulturhofkeller (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)

Killed By 9V Batteries
2012-05-10 CZE – Brno, Muzejka Club
2012-05-11 GER – Dresden, Ost Pol
2012-05-12 CZE – Ostrava, Plan B (?eskobratrská 1)
2012-05-13 CZE – Prague, Final Club
2012-05-15 GER – Berlin, About:Blank
2012-05-16 NL – Rotterdam, tba
2012-05-17 GER – Hamburg, Grüner Jäger
2012-05-18 NL – Groningen, Lepel
2012-05-19 DE – Hannover, tba
2012-05-25 AUT – Graz, Radio Helsinki Fest, Niesenberger
2012-05-26 AUT – Zwentendorf, Festival
2012-08-17 AUT – St. Pölten, Frequency Festival, Red Bull Brandwagen

Luise Pop
2012-04-06 CZE – Brno, Boro Club
2012-04-07 GER – Dresden, AZ Conni
2012-05-12 AUT – Wels, Alter Schlachthof

Mile Me Deaf
2012-05-04 AUT – Innsbruck, PMK (+ Nothington/US)
2012-05-05 AUT – St. Pölten, Café Publik / Festspielhaus (+ U.S. Girls)

Sex Jams
2012-04-12 GER – Regensburg, W1
2012-04-13 GER – Würzburg, Immerhin (w/ TV Buddahs)
2012-04-14 GER – Aschaffenburg, Beatbaracke/Jukuz (+ Gary)
2012-04-15 GER – Gera, Shalom
2012-04-16 GER – Illmenau, baracke 5
2012-04-17 GER – Dresden, Scheune
2012-04-18 GER – Berlin, About:Blank (+ Cobra Skulls)
2012-04-19 CZE – Brno, Muzejka Club
2012-05-27 AUT – Wiener Neustadt, Schmu Festival
2012-07-20 AUT – Waidhofen / Ybbs, Fleischrock

Sweet Sweet Moon
2012-04-05 GER – Dresden, Ost Pol (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-06 GER – Berlin, Kaffee Burger (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-08 GER – Hamburg, Umdenkbar (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-11 NL – Amsterdam, Skek (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-13 AUT – Salzburg, Denkmal (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-14 GER – München, Rationaltheater (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-21 AUT – Feldbach, Volkshaus (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-29 GER – Nürnberg, Club Stereo (+ Gary)
2012-05-01 GER – München, 59:1 (+ Gary)
2012-05-02 AUT – Wien, Flex (+ Gary)
2012-05-05 AUT – Villach, Kulturhofkeller (+ Gary)
2012-05-23 FRA – Paris, Le Motel
2012-05-27 FRA – Clermont-Ferrand, Europavox Festival (Palais des Glaces)
2012-06-02 AUT – Salzburg, Beatgold – 50 Jahre ÖH
2012-06-22 AUT – Wien, Arena / The Full Hit Of Summer – Festival (w/ Beirut, M. Ward, Kurt Vile)

Yours truly,
The Siluhs

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