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Dear Siluh besties,

welcome to our little news compilation, this time exclusively brought to you from Los Angeles / CA. We are acclimatising and preparing for next week’s SXSW Festival in Austin / TX. :-) Hope you like our new communique!



GARY new album / new single

March 9th, 2012 marks the release of Gary’s third full length studio album “Hey Turtle, Stop Running!”. Following “Love Is Love” the second single will be “Twisted Beds”. We’ve uploaded it on Soundcloud, so you can tune in and get a feel for this timeless album right from slacker kingdom. The record will be in stores at the end of the week. Or your may conveniently surf to our weboutique to grab it.

Apart from two special album release shows in Munich (March 23rd / Laab) and Vienna (March 24th / Aparat / FB Event) the Garyband will be touring extensively from April 11th onward. Check out all the tourdates at the end of this newsletter!


Luise Pop


LUISE POP new single “Fast & Frightening”

Our cutie pies Luise Pop got invited by German pop-culture magazine Intro to contribute a song to their 20th anniversary celebrations. Due to their strong riot girl socialisation L7’s “Fast and Frightening” was the band’s song of choice and was masterfully translated into their very own surf noir style of sound. Additionally, band leader Vera Kropf edited a charming found footage video of the song.

“Fast and Frightening” is available via itunes or you can stream the piece via Soundcloud and Spotify. Further, an exclusive collector’s edition 7inch can be purchased via the Intro webshop.

Check out Luise Pop’s tourdates below to catch them on the road, starting this week!


Sweet Sweet Moon


SWEET SWEET MOON confirmed for Europavox

Sweet Sweet Moon is still in the studio finishing and tweaking his latest recordings, so be ready for some new songs very soon! In the meantime he got invited to play at the Europavox Festival (May 25th to 27th) in the lovely city of Clermont-Ferrand in France. We hope his French will be as fantastiqe as is his youtube hit. :-) Seems the song will be breaking 200.000 plays any minute! We certainly love to report 100.000 more clicks every time we release our newsletter!

In addition, Mr. Moon will be touring with Dust Covered Carpet (starting at the end of March) and later with Gary. So make sure to scroll down a little to see all tourdates! By the way, his suitcase will be packed with these brand new supersweet merchandise items, also available via the Siluh weboutique.


Club Weird Kong


CLUB WEIRD KONG live: AMS All Stars – Thu., March 8th

Swag! A bunch of unemployed kiddos rapping about bitches, cocks and Opfer! Der Blade, Die Pussy und Die Knackwatschn are in tha house! To get an idea, see live snippets of their first appearance at the Numavi Tweety Party 2011 in Graz.

Check in: FB

Thursday, March 8th
Live: AMS All Stars
DJs: Phil Spass & Bernhard Aye
Doors 9pm, Entry 4 €

Transporter Bar
Kettenbrückengasse 1 / 1050 Vienna

April Kong Aviso: Live – Victor Villareal (Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls, …) and Mock (Berlin/Coraille)


Mile Me Deaf


MILE ME DEAF best of album before 1st release

Mile Me Deaf’s debut album “Eat Skull” will be released on June 1st, 2012 and marks mastermind Wolfgang Möstl’s 16th (!!!) album, counting in his numerous other band projects. As a gift he decided to treat you to a digital best of album, the songs of which will be selected by long time collaborator and Sex Jams member Peter T.. Let’s see how long it takes to dig through the million songs, Mr. Möstl has written until now. ;-)

Of course the download will be free and available through their facebook page. Like them to stay on top. A limited edition on CD-R (if you remember what that is) will be coming with a radical artwork as the band announced.


Yuri Landman / Jad Fair


YURI LANDMAN ENSEMBLE feat. JAD FAIR new release in May

We’re excited to announce that we will be releasing an album with Jad Fair of Half Japanese!!! Our Dutch friend Yuri Landman, who also happens to be the guy who built experimental electric string instruments for bands like Sonic Youth, Liars, Blood Red Shoes and many more made an album called called “That’s Right, Go Cats” and features tracks by Jad Fair and Philippe Petit. It will be available on vinyl via Siluh Records and the CD version can be purchased at Thick Syrup Records.


Francis International Airport FRANCIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT nominated for Amadeus

Francis International Airport let us know that they are working on new stuff right now. We can’t wait to hear new tunes from the band and are curious where they are headed soundwise in the future! In addition, the guys got nominated for the FM4 Award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. Follow this link to vote for them!

Also, they will be playing this year’s Immergut Festival in Neustrelitz/Germany (May 25th and 26th).

Siluh presents
2012-03-08 – AUT – Wien, Club Weird Kong – live: AMS-Allstars – Transporter Bar
2012-03-23 – AUT – St. Pölten, Cafe Publik, Festspielhaus – Sir Tralala & Eloui
2012-03-23 – GER – München, GARY ALBUM RELEASE PARTY – Laab (Senftlstr. 9)
2012-03-24 – AUT – Wien, GARY ALBUM RELEASE PARTY – Aparat (Zwölfergasse 9, 1150)
2012-04-12 – AUT – Wien, Club Weird Kong – live: Victor Villareal + Mock
2012-05-03 – AUT – Wien, Club Weird Kong – live: Nine Inch Negl – Transporter Bar

Francis International Airport
2012-05-15 GER – Neustrelitz, Immergut Festival
2012-08-24 GER – Dornstadt, Obstwiesenfestival

2012-04-11 GER – Berlin, Privatclub (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-12 GER – Hamburg, Grüner Jäger (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-13 GER – Görlitz, Basta (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-14 GER – Aschaffenburg, Beatbaracke/Jukuz (+ Sex Jams)
2012-04-15 GER – Braunschweig, Nexus (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-16 GER – Jena, Cafe Wagner (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-17 GER – Kassel, Schlachthof (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-18 GER – Oberhausen, Druckluft (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-19 GER – Fulda , Kulturkeller (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-20 GER – Erfurt, Engelsburg (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-21 GER – Köln, King Georg (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-22 GER – Bremen, Schwankhalle (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-23 GER – Göttingen, Apex (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-24 GER – Dresden, Ost Pol (+ And The Golden Choir)
2012-04-26 AUT – Graz, Explosiv
2012-04-27 AUT – Dornbirn, Spielboden
2012-04-28 AUT – Steyr, Röda
2012-04-29 GER – Nürnberg, Club Stereo (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-05-01 GER – München, 59:1 (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-05-02 AUT – Wien, Flex (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)
2012-05-04 AUT – St. Pölten, Freiraum / KlingKlang
2012-05-05 AUT – Villach, Kulturhofkeller (+ Sweet Sweet Moon)

Killed By 9V Batteries
2012-03-24 AUT – Klagenfurt, Club Stereo / Kontaktlinse Festival
2012-05-10 CZE – Brno, Muzejka Club
2012-05-11 GER – Dresden, Ost Pol
2012-05-12 CZE – Ostrava, ?eskobratrská 1
2012-05-13 CZE – Prague, Final Club
2012-05-15 GER – Berlin, About:Blank
2012-05-17 GER – Hamburg, Grüner Jäger
2012-05-18 NL – Groningen, tba

Luise Pop
2012-03-08 AUT – Graz, Explosiv
2012-03-10 AUT – Wien, ega (Windmühlgasse 26)
2012-03-13 GER – Hamburg, Astra Stube (+ Half Girl)
2012-03-14 GER – Leipzig, naTo (+ Half Girl)
2012-03-15 GER – Berlin, Monarch (+ Half Girl)
2012-03-17 GER – Offenbach, Hafen 2
2012-03-23 SI – Ljubljana, STG (Slovenian Musicdays)
2012-03-24 HR – Zagreb, Klub Attack
2012-03-28 CZE – Prague, Chapeau Rouge
2012-03-29 CZE – Beroun, Club Metro
2012-03-30 CZE – Ostrava, ?eskobratrská 1
2012-03-31 SK – Kosice, Tabacka
2012-04-06 CZE – Brno, Boro Club
2012-04-07 GER – Dresden, AZ Conni

Sex Jams
2012-04-12 GER – Regensburg, W1
2012-04-13 GER – Würzburg, Immerhin (w/ TV Buddahs)
2012-04-14 GER – Aschaffenburg, Beatbaracke/Jukuz (+ Gary)
2012-04-15 GER – Gera, Shalom
2012-04-16 GER – Illmenau, baracke 5
2012-04-17 GER – Dresden, Scheune
2012-04-18 GER – Berlin, About:Blank (+ Cobra Skulls)
2012-04-19 CZE – Brno, Muzejka Club
2012-05-27 AUT – Wiener Neustadt, Schmu Festival
2012-07-20 AUT – Waidhofen / Ybbs, Fleischrock

Sweet Sweet Moon
2012-03-28 AUT – Wien, Fluc Wanne (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-03-29 AUT – Graz, Explosiv (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-03-30 AUT – Stainach, CCW (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-03-31 AUT – St. Pölten, Freiraum (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-03 CZ – Prague, Chapeau Rouge (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-05 GER – Dresden, Ost Pol (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-06 GER – Berlin, Kaffee Burger (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-08 GER – Hamburg, Umdenkbar (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-11 NL – Amsterdam, Skek (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-13 AUT – Salzburg, Denkmal (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-14 GER – München, Rationaltheater (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-21 AUT – Feldbach, Volkshaus (+ Dust Covered Carpet)
2012-04-29 GER – Nürnberg, Club Stereo (+ Gary)
2012-05-01 GER – München, 59:1 (+ Gary)
2012-05-02 AUT – Wien, Flex (+ Gary)
2012-05-05 AUT – Villach, Kulturhofkeller (+ Gary)

Yours truly,
The Siluhs

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