new TENTS album “Limbo” will be out on white vinyl (limited edition of 150!)

With the new album ‘Limbo’ Viennese duo TENTS advances into exquisite art pop. The post punk-infused sound of their first two records is now followed by a strong commitment to pop.

Multifarious and densely produced, the songs exude a sophisticated coolness. Throughout the album, the piercing guitars and frenetic drums recalling a classical band setup, slowly blend into the more atmospheric realms of drum machines and layered synths featured in songs like ‘Cold Bliss’ or ‘Jitter’.

In the midst of an illimitable lockdown, with studios shut down and collaborators out of reach, Clemens Posch & Paul Stoettinger took steps and started what gradually evolved into a largely self produced album. While the title ‘Limbo’ describes a state of transient uncertainty, TENTS seem to catalyze the creative freedom that comes with the feeling of being lost in an unfamiliar setting.

TENTS captivate with perfectly arranged songs evocative of the heyday of late seventies and early eighties pop with greats like Talk Talk, Brian Eno and David Bowie. They’re transferred into a contemporary context without effort.

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new album: ALOA INPUT – Devil’s Diamond Memory Collection

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DIVES “Burger” Videogame!

Mortal Burger Kombat: Fighting burgers 80s style

For their new single “Burger, the band has produced a computer-game and a musicvideo!
“Burger” is also an unique project as an announcement against the still prevalent gender gap in multimedia arts: In addition to a video realized by 3D animation artist Sarah Kreuz, the single will also be accompanied by an 80s-style game that will be playable in any browser. This was developed by Kinaya Studios, a young, all-female programming collective that won the Games Award last year. In the game, we follow a talking burger through various stages of everyday sexism towards women, accompanied by a special 8-bit remix of the single as its own sound design to the 80s games style.


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Welcome to TENTS!

There’s a new band on the Siluh Records roster: TENTS
We will release their 2nd album “LIMBO” by end of May.
Meanwhile please take a listen to their current single “FIJI FALLS
“. It’s also our opening track of our Spotify Playlist.