new Musicvideo by WOLF LEHMANN

WOLF LEHMANN is the new project by Wolfgang Möstl (Mile Me Deaf, Sex Jams, Melt Downer, Killed By 9V Batteries). He presents his personal take on lounge music. The track is anything but a colorless background score intended to act as an escape from reality. With his sample-based music, WOLF LEHMANN forms his own universe that explores the relativity of time. In an interview he once said, “Everything that has ever happened or will happen exists at the same time. Time is like a frozen river”. In the accompanying music video for “MENTAL FITNESS” we can see home videos of WOLF LEHMANN as a small child. The basis were VHS tapes from 1989, in which he repeatedly watched his then favorite film “The Goonies.” It seems as if the five-year-old is experiencing his first existential moments, becoming aware of and questioning time.


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