Dear Sex Jams,

I think you are the awesomest wacky bastards on the globe, but enough is enough. You left me here in gray old Vienna while you are on tour all summer long bitching around and having fun without me. Alright that’s crying about spilt milk but now we heard about you having an affair with those Siluh boys even having an album with them called “Post Teenage Shine“. Further more rumor has it you couldn’t resist dating that Fettkakao Andi dude! I thought that was over ??? and now you are even having a new 7Inch with him. How could you cheat on me again?! Your last postcard indicates you rather keep touring Germany in October instead of hangin out with me. I hate you douchebags. My ass you are working hard all day. You think I am stupid? This video is all over the motherfreakin internets. Doesn’t look like hard work to me! Watcha sayin now?! Btw, is this the singer of Killed by 9V Batteries? I knew it you were always fond of him! GAH!

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