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new single by MILE ME DEAF

Here comes a summer hit: BLOWOUT by Mile Me Deaf, definitely the soundtrack of this season!

Get it here: 7″ / mp3

out now: VAGUE’s debut album

VAGUE – In The Meantime
ORDER LP / CD / Digital

It was the first chords of their debut album that already caught our ears. A strange intimacy seems palpable. This band with the french sounding name VAGUE produce a well elaborated sound that – rightfully so – is often compared to the golden years of the early 80s to early 90s of underground rock music. Their gloomy postpunk references, distorted guitar surfaces and cool-headeddly whispered melodies impress not only the nostalgic. Pressing yet smooth. That is “In The Meantime”.

new artist: TvB

We’re happy to announce our next release:

TROY VON BALTHAZAR – Knights of Something
Album LP / CD / Digital (April 1, 2016)
TvB - Knights of Something

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She’s quite alright – new song by Mile Me Deaf

MILE ME DEAF present a brand new tune & video “She’s quite alright”
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